Tanner Bruhschwein

Sending Loans to E-Tran in Earlier Stages in SPARK

AUTHOR: Tanner Bruhschwein

Many of you are likely dealing with the rush that comes before a potential government shutdown. In my experience, this means trying to send any loan that is considered complete, and in some cases these loans may not be in the SPARK stage that you typically send loans to E-Tran.

In SPARK, we do have the ability to 'enable' submission to E-Tran from earlier stages. The only impact of doing this is quite minimal - the navigation menu for 'Packaging' will become available in whatever stage we enable E-Tran submission. There is no downside to this from a SPARK perspective, and it is something that I did as a SPARK user during the shutdowns of 2018. It is obviously prudent to ensure that loans are complete prior to submission to E-Tran.

If you would like to enable this or have questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at

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