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SPARK 7.7.1 Release Notes


On October 23, 2021, we'll be releasing SPARK 7.7.1, a minor update that includes a few improvements to PolicyMap and Lead enhancements. Please read on to find out more about the improvements we've made in this release.

What's Changed

PolicyMap and Leads

PolicyMap indicators are now available in our Lead Reporting view and Lead API. When an applicant submits a lead, we automatically retrieve the key indicators from PolicyMap and store them on the address.

Here are some other things you might need to know about this change.

  1. Leads that were submitted prior to this change will not have PolicyMap indicators available in reporting or the API. PolicyMap indicators will still be available when viewing the details of the lead. Once you view the details of the lead, we'll automatically pull down the indicators and save them on the lead going forward.

  2. PolicyMap indicators will also be available on the Leads reporting view, as well as in our reporting API.

Leads Enhancements

When an owner is assigned to a lead, we'll automatically set the date the lead was assigned. When you navigate to the Leads listing table, you can now see this date, as well as the team member assigned. A new view has been created so that you can quickly see all leads that have been assigned.


In previous versions of SPARK, your changes on the Lead listing would revert back to "submitted leads." We've made a minor "quality of life" improvement that maintains your currently selected view when you perform various actions on a lead (i.e., withdraw, decline, assign owner, etc.).

Leasing Page

If your organization uses the leasing page as part of your credit analysis, you'll find that we have made some changes to the behavior of the page. First and foremost, the Leasing page will always be visible in the navigation. Prior to this release, we would only show the Leasing navigation if a borrower or corporate guarantor leased their place of operation. If you haven't identified a business that leases its place of operation, we'll show a list of relevant businesses so that you can more easily update the businesses on the package.

Leases Update.png

What's Been Fixed

We've addressed a few very minor bugs related to our Quick Notes feature that improved appearance and stability. These bugs were not affecting your current experience.

Find Out More

Stay tuned for the latest features and subscribe to your favorite categories. If you have any feedback or questions about this release, please reach out to your favorite CSM, or email us at Your feedback will help us make SPARK the best loan origination software in the market!

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