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Updates to the SPARK Knowledge Base


We are proud to announce that we have made several changes to our Knowledge Base, to ensure that it is as valuable as possible to our users. As a reminder, the Knowledge Base provides articles on all Features in SPARK that contain descriptions Features, embedded videos and screenshots demonstrating how to use use them and Frequently Asked Questions to help you troubleshoot any issues. The Knowledge Base can be found in the Help menu, located in the top right of any SPARK page.


We have made the following updates to the Knowledge Base (KB):

  • The KB has been restructured to include fewer but more comprehensive articles on various features. Articles have been organized to flow in a manner similar to how SPARK's navigation and workflow is organized.

  • Keyword search functionality has been improved

  • Updated images and videos to ensure that the Knowledge Base provides guidance that matches the most up to date SPARK experience

  • Each article will begin with a summary so users can easily identify if the article contains the content they are searching for

  • We have greatly expanded the content around the External User (applicants, brokers, attorneys, etc.) experience in SPARK. Articles can be saved to PDF's and embedded videos linked to, so both can be shared with External Users, if necessary.

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